Obsidian Daily Notes

1st Feb 2024

“Add to my Daily Note” iOS Shortcut


This takes any text, urls, or other text-y content and appends it to your daily note (in my case, in iCloud Drive/Obsidian/Daily/YYYY-MM-DD.md. this is customisable), with a heading with the current time, location, lat-lng, and altitude:

## 10:27:14 am Richmond [Portland St](geo:-37.821153,144.994955) 17m

I’ve made this as reliable as possible by appending the time and the shared content to your daily note, before doing any GPS lookup. This means it works on the ground, as well as in an airplane, and always saves to the note.


## [[{{date}}]] @ {{time}}

This suits anywhere any note in your Vault, whether a Daily note, your meeting notes, or knowledge base entry. The linked date puts it in the backlinks of your daily note.